Canopy Draping

How can we decorate events with a simple fabric? A lot of people have been wanting to ask how you decorate a canopy with just a simple fabric. Fabric is a cost-effective way to transform the layout of any occasion space. Sometimes you have a room that is in serious need of room draping. In this article you will learn how to drape a canopy.

A canopy is an overhead roof or else a structure over which a fabric or metal covering is attached, ready to give shade or haven from climate conditions such as sun, hail, snow and rain. A canopy can likewise be a tent, generally without a floor. Here are the easiest ways to design a canopy for bedrooms.

We’re going to show you at how to set up your own canopy it’s so easy for anyone to do you just need to follow few simple steps, the first step is to set up your stands, twist the knob to lose it and spread out the legs then twist the knob again to tighten and lock into place. Next is snap the two bars together loosen the screw form the top of one stand then tighten and add the crossbar connector piece, tighten the screw back on to the stand then add crossbars, simply place each crossbar on top of the stands, then add your drapes twist the knob at the end of the cross bar to tighten it. The last step is to raise up the canopy extend the pole on each stand up to your desired height then hold the fabric pieces together at each corner. Use a tie to secure them in place you can also use lights to add glow in your canopy.

If you want a low-budget decoration for your canopy, you can use an embroidery ring or even a hula hoop if you want it a bit larger just put a fabric and you can attach it in your ceiling or thread sheer fabric and string lights through two smaller hoops for coziness.

You can also make your room cozy with some mini curtain rods and cheap fabrics, if you don’t have any curtain rods lying around, you can use some copper pipe and attach it to the ceiling. You can even hang a canopy just by using thumbtacks. The mix of two colors and one patterned fabric will give you something that’s totally unique.

Adding some string lights to your fabric can also be a great idea, it creates an extra whimsical effect. A sturdy branch is also a great idea to create your own shabby chic canopy.

For some extra shade, solid curtains are a perfect solution. Use a thick fabric to make a canopy that doubles as a headboard or you can drape a sheer pattern to add dimension to a room. Transforming a wooden ladder and some linen fabric into a rustic canopy is also a great idea.

Bring in some more colors or a pattern to a room; all you need is a printed fabric. Most people expect a canopy to be neutral, but this example shows just how fun it can be to break away from the neutral style of canopy.