Custom Backdrop Designs

How Create a Custom Backdrop Design
The first thing you will need are four pieces of poster boards in any color, scissors, clear tape, hole punch, lace or elastic lace for better results (make sure it is clear), hooks and utility hooks. The things you need to do are place the poser sticker up and tape them together. It should consist of four (4) poster boards for a larger sense. Use a clear tape when forming them together.

Roll your glamorous cloth over the poster board. Make sure that you have put enough layers so that it covers the poster board entirely. After positioning the glamorous cloth, cut it depending on the size of your whole poster boards. It is highly important that you cut them in straight so that it is easy to see the linings of the cloth and not the linings of the poster board.

The next step is to staple the cloth into the poster boards. Staple each of the ends or the corners of your square shaped poster board. It is necessary that you put them altogether so that it is firm when you use it. The next procedure would be cutting the clear laces in halves. Keep in mind that the clear laces should be the same size as the others. It is needed that your laces are also clear for the style you want. However, if you feel that you want colored laces, it is okay as well. The style will depend on your taste or whatever your designs are.

Get your hooks and knot them on your clear laces. Be sure that you are tying a knot that is secured and can withstand the whole board when you put them in the wall. It is also important that you measure enough because the lace should be equally cut together with the hooks. Position your utility hooks up in the ceiling. The utility hooks will serve as your support for the whole poster boards. You may use a hammer to make a hole in the ceiling.

If you think using a hammer can be tough or loud, you may use pins to make a hole in the ceiling. After making a hole in the ceiling, insert your utility hooks for it to stick up and high. The application of utility hooks is easy. All you need to do is make a hole and then put the utility hook into the hole by twisting the hook clockwise.

After putting utility hooks into the ceiling, you may now start making a hole on your poster boards. Make two (2) holes in your board and be sure with the measurement of the holes. It should be aligned and perfectly shaped both sides. Then, we are going to tit a knot around the hole. Keep in mind that you should tie the knot nice and good. You have to tie the other part of the lace to the hole and the other should be tied in the utility hooks up in the ceiling. The backdrop simply means that you have a square backdrop facing up. The installation should be easy because you are using a clear lace and a utility hook as a support.